Sybille Mende-Michel
  |  Painting



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Single and group exhibitions since 2005



 | d:zember.7

24.11. – 17.12.2017
Fr., Sa. + Su. | 15 – 19 h
Kassel, Schönfelder Str. 41b

Haus der Volkshochschule
Vollmarshausen, Brunnenstr. 9
Permanent single exhibition



Alte Schmiede, Lohfelden

Asklepios Fachklinikum Göttingen

awkv Kassel

Café am Bebelplatz, Kassel

Caféhaus Lohfelden

d:gallery, Kassel

Galerie auf Zeit, Vollmarshausen

Galerie Freiraum, Lohfelden

Kunstwerkstatt Hasenblau, Calden

Naturparkzentrum Habichtswald, Zierenberg

Praxis für Physiotherapie Ulrich Reiss, Lohfelden

Rathaus Lohfelden

Westend Café, Kassel



From my schooldays I have had a close interest in the various modes of expression in art, especially in painting. However, my job and the responsibility of raising a family gave me only limited opportunities to do creative work of my own. Since the year 2000, with more time available, my old passion has come to the fore and I have been painting intensely again using watercolours, acrylic, oil, and pastels. I also make collages and sculptures with mixed materials.

My inspiration comes mainly from an appreciation of both the diversity and the coherence of nature leading to an intrinsic beauty and harmony which I try to capture. Natural phenomena are often seen as disturbing or destructive, and with long-lasting effects but in time equilibrium is again achieved. My intention is to trace and express the positive energy of these processes of change. Several travels to England, Scotland, Wales, France and New Zealand inspired the landscapes I paint. Each of my pictures is an individual attempt to mirror the feelings, perceptions and ideas generated in me by giving them form and colour. In a sense I try to fix and concentrate the spiritual in nature as it comes into my mind.

For more than two years another project has been occupying me additionally: transferring poetical texts into pictures - poems that have accompanied me all my life and still are on my mind. I llustrate them by means that concentrate their essence in the way I understand and sense it.